Cynical Infinity

Cynical Infinity #

This plugin allows Indigo to control Carrier Inc. Infinity heating and air conditioning (HVAC) systems. It allows you to read temperature and humidity sensors, change temperature settings, and all the usual conveniences. It also lets you observe events triggered from keypads.

The plugin requires a SYSTXCCSAM01 System Access Module (SAM), which you will need to have your HVAC contractor attach to your Infinity system bus. The SAM has a serial port which you can either connect to a USB-to-serial adapter on the computer running Indigo, or to a supported serial-to-network bridge such as a Global Caché IP2SL or similar. For some reason, Carrier does not prominently feature the SAM in its product literature. Just tell your HVAC contractor you want one. If you have an existing system and are handy with wiring, the SAM attaches to the standard Carrier Infinity interconnect bus; just run four-conductor wire to your computer and install the box where you can reach it with a serial cable.

Note: I never finished this page, since I’ve never heard of another user of this plugin. If you are (where have you been all these years?), let me know and I’m happy to finish it for you.

Overview #

Create a SAM device for your SAM. One SAM can control up to two Infinity systems with up to eight zones each. Create one device for each system, then create a device for each zone you have. In the simplest case, you will have one SAM device, one System device, and one Zone device. You could have multiple SAMs with dozens of zones if your house is unusually interesting.

Supported Devices #

Cynical Infinity should work with any Carrier Infinity system supported by the SAM module. If you have hardware that I don’t have, the plugin may not support it because I have no way to test it. Basic system configuration and thermostat operation should work.

Limitations and Problems #

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Notes #

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